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Special Forces Camps in Vietnam

BTW, Some of the information on some of the maps may be incorrect, but I am trying to make them as accurate as possible. If you see a discrepency, let me know.

Area Maps of Special Forces Camps

     These maps were extracted from Jim Henthorn's Vietnam Vet page: All rights reserved. To view complete set of high res maps of South Vietnam and Laos visit Jim's web site. He's in the process of scanning and posting maps of N VN, Thailand and Cambodia.

     (Also see ALO/FAC, George Lattin's The FAC's Map Case  for maps of VN, N Laos and S Laos.)

I Corps Camps From 1967

II Corps Camps From 1967

III Corps Camps. From 1967
(Map sent by Tom Marzillio. I placed the camp flags, so any errors are mine, not Tom's)

IV Corps Camps From 1967

Special Forces in Vietnam 1961-62 Map sent by Virgil Carter.

AO Map of  Thien Ngon used by (then) XO, Lt. Dave Fetters.
     A-323 AO (Large Version.)
     A-323 AO (Smaller Version.)

Part of Seven Mountains Area map
with Det. B-43 and A-421 locations marked. Nui Cam, Nui Giai and Nui Ta Bec are shown. Nui Coto (not included) is just to the south.
Courtesy of Bill Leap.

Location of Camps Occupied by the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) 1965
(1st SFGA Annual Historical Summary:1965

Dak To Area Map
Courtesy of Tom Heckman

Kontum with Legend
Courtesy of Gene Putnal

Area maps of the camps will be posted at random as I locate them on Jim's maps. Any errors placing the camps are mine, not Jim's. Any help in placing the camps is greatly appreciated. (Am having particular difficulty finding IV Corps Camps on the maps.)

If anyone has any information about SF Camps in Thailand, let me know and I will attempt to locate the camp on Jim's page and post an area clip here.

PCS Camps

     Hon Tre Island

I Corps
C-1 (Co C) Da Nang
          A-101 Mai Loc ... A-101 Lang Vei ... A-101 Khe Sanh
          A-102 A Shau ... A-102 Tien Phuoc ...A-102a Aloui FOB
          A-103 Gia Vuc
          A-104 Ha Thanh ... A-104 Son Ha
          A-105 Nong Son / A-105 Kham Duc
          A-106 Ba To
          A-107 Tra Bong
          A-108 Minh Long
          A-109 Thuong Duc
          A-110 Con Thien
     B-16 Mobile Strike Force DaNang
     B-11 Chu Lai

II Corps
C-2 (CO. B) Pleiku
          A-212 Plei Mrong  A-212 Phi Ho
          A-218 Dak Sut
     B-22 An Khe/ B-22 Qui Nhon
           A-220 Plei Ta Nagle
          A-221 Kannack ... A-221 Cung Son
          A-222 Dong Tre ... A-222 Bu Prang
          A-223 Van Canh / A-223 Qui Nhon
          A-224 Phu Tuc / A-224 Buon Beng
          A-225 Le Hai
          A-226 Trai Mai Linh ... A-226 Mang Buk
          A-227 Ha Tay
          A-228 Vinh Thanh
     B-23 Ban Me Thout
          A-231 Tieu Atar / A-231 Suoi Doi
         A-232 Buon Brieng / A-232 Bao Loc / A-232 Tan Rai
          A-233 Ban Don
          A-238 Buon Blech
          A-235 Nhon Co
          A-236 Bu Prang
          A-239 Duc Lap
     B24 Kontum
          A-241 Polei Kleng
          A-243 Plateau GI
          A-244 Dak To / A-244 Dak Pek
     B-25 Pleiku (Closed in Aug '66. The A-25x teams placed under B-24)
          A-251 Plei Djereng
          A-254 Plei Do Lim
          A-255 Plei Me

III Corps
C-3 Bien Hoa
      B-31 Phuoc Vinh / B-31 Xuan Loc
          A-312 Phuoc Vinh
     B-32 Tay Ninh
          A-321 Ben Soi
          A-322 Katum
          A-323 Thien Ngon
          A-324 Nui Ba Den
          A-326 Tra Cu  / A-326 Ben Cat    
     B-33 An Loc
          A-331 Loc Ninh
     B-34 Song Be
          A-341 Bu Dop ... A-341 Bu Gia Map
          A-342 Dong Xoai
          A-343 Duc Phong
          A-344 Bunard
     B-35 Duc Hoa  ...  B-35 Hiep Hoa
          A -351 Duc Hue  ...  A-351 Hiep Hoa
          A-353 Lung Hoa  ...  A- 353 Duc Hue
           A-352 Tra Cu

IV Corps

C-4 (Co. D) Can Tho 
      B-41 Moc Hoa
               A-411 Bien Hung / A-411 My Phuoc Tay Opened as A-424
               A-411 Don Phuc / A-411 Hai Yen
               A-412 Kinh Quan Hai II
               A-413 Binh Thanh Thon
               A-414 Moc Hoa / A-414 Thanh Tri
               A-415 Tuyen Nhon
                A-416 My Dien II
       B-42 Chao Doc  /  B-42 Long Xuyen
                A-421 Nui Tuong / A-421 Ba Xoai
                A-422 Long Khanh / A-422 Vinh Gia
                A-423 Chau Lang / A-423 Tien Binh
                 A-424 An Phu / A-424 Thanh Tri
                 A-426 Tri Ton
         B-43 Chi Lang   / B-43 Cao Lanh / B-43 Long Hai / B-43 Phuc Thuy
                 A-431 Cai Cai
                 A-425 An Long / A-432 Thuong Thoi / A-432 Chi Lang Opened as A-425
                 A-433 My Da/ My An (A-426)
         B-44 Phu Quoc
                 A-441 Phu Quoc Opened as A-427
                 A-442 Tan Chau / A-442 Phu Quoc / A-442 To Chau
          B-40 Mobile Strike Force (aka MIKE Force)
                 A-401 / A-430 Don Phuc Opened as A-430
                 A-402 MSF, Moc Hoa / A-402 MSF, To Chau
                 A-403 MSF, To Chau 
                 A-404 MSF
                 A-405 MSF, Ha Tien Opened as A-421

TDY Camps

II Corps


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