I have taken out my commentary about the sites listed. I've run out of surpelatives to describe the many great web sites out there and was starting to sound like an idiot trying to come up with more of them. When necessary, an explination of the site's content is posted.

5th Special Forces Group: Site Banner for export. Banner Courtesy of Frank Rickard.
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See Frank's excellent web site:Special Forces Assn. Chapter 44

Master Jump Wings.
Graphic contirbuted by Neil @
Robert L. Howard Tribute Site

The Special Forces Search Engine is a "...Not-For-Profit-Project brought to you by the FOGs and Sneaky Petes, all former Special Forces A-Team Members and current members of the Special Forces Association."
And it's not just for SF web sites, if you're looking for anything to do with the Military or the Government: they will find it for you. Type in Key Words to search; or click on "Category" to surf their well laid out Directories.

Special Forces Search Engine
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"The Special Forces Search Engine has 1731 Military and Government Web Sites to choose from." .... as of 15 Jan 01.


Special Forces Teamhouse. Good deal of information and photographs


The U.S. Veteran Dispatch: Ted Samply, Publisher. Articles about veteran issues by Ted Samply and contributers.

Radix Press:  Database of more than 25,000 former Special Forces and SOG personnel who served in SE Asia.

Ranger Bob's Command Post 

Viet Nam Veteran Database Database of the men and women who served in VN.

Tribute to SSG Small SSG Burt C. Small A-108, MIA out of Minh Long by Barbara Ruef. (Also see: The Moonduster Chronicles, Sept. 00 and click on Featured POW/MIA of the Month, for article by Barbara about Burt.)

Jean-Luc's GIA VUC Tribute Website, J-L Vietnam Special Forces studies Gia Vuc A-Teams and Special Forces in Viet Nam.

"FRENCH INDOCHINA" this part of the Gia Vuc Tribute website will endeavour to retrace the French history of Gia Vuc region, the Hre and the GCMA in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. More great history from Jean-Luc Delauve. His websites just keep getting better.

London to Brighton Historic Military Vehicle Road Run and Show Website: Another web site from Jean-Luc Delauve, dedicated to preserving history.

48th Assault Helicopter Company  Support for some Project Delta Opns.

Save The Montagnard People (STMP) Information about the plight of the Montagnard people, the ethnic cleansing by the Communist Viet Government.

281st AHC Home Page: Home of the Intruders. Support of Project Delta, Recondo School and in many AOs in SE Asia.

USAF AC-119 Gunship Site. Shadow/Stinger,   Spooky/Puff.

Bob Carels Home Page. Bob was with the 7th at Gia Vuc in '63.

Special Forces Association Home Page

Statistics About the VietNam War:   Just the facts, Ma'm. Link sent by Mike Rhode.

Special Operations Memorial FoundationSOMF. A Memorial at MacDill AFB. Link sent by Mike Rhode.

Australia: Results See how gun control has been working in Australia.

Jim Henthorn's Vietnam Vet page: Dedicated to the Men and Women of the Air Commando and Special Operations Units

Vietnam Special Forces Command and Control Central   presented by Sergeant Lee Burkins, Recon Team Vermont. 




       Amazing web site:  highly informative (and quite entertaining,too).

The Declaration of Independence Complete text. From Thomas Historical Documents. (Link sent by Mike Rhode.)

From Gary Zimmerman:
The body of SFC Laney (Army Special Forces) was aboard this CH-46 and one of the ones recovered.
For further information: http://www.pownetwork.org/bios/l/l009.htm

Virgil Carter's Homestead. Attractive site with information and photos about A-103 Gia Vuc, A-113 Mike Force, and Gia Vuc's Montagnards; Scans of Virgil's Special Forces paintings; and some of Virgil and his wife's photographs.

North Bay Listings -    Source of printed material.  Link sent by Paul "Chris" Christensen
Special Forces
Military Books, Videos and Collectibles
Specializing in Unit and Battle History Books

Brave Cannons: 1/92nd Field Artillery Association: Vietnam.

Americans and Sea Commandos in them from MSG Kenneth Mancil. http://ngothelinh.tripod.com/Paradise_Island.html"

Web site by Dawn Markwell who's brother, PFC James William Markwell, Army Ranger medic, was killed in Operation: Just Cause. (Link sent by Jean-Luc Delauve. Gia Vuc A-camp Website)    

Web ring from Jean-Luc Delauve. (Gia Vuc A-camp Website)

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by Bravenet.com

The Vietnam Experience 5th Special Forces site.

The Mike Force Association Home Page  

SGT Larry Wayne Maysey, MIA Rescue and Recovery crewman missing during the extraction of SOG team from Laos. Pages of other brave men lost and a personal account of the Son Tay Raid from one of the A-1 pilots who participated in the raid. (Link sent by Jeff Nash.)

17th Artillery Regiment Association (17th was based out of Ban Me Thout.) (Link sent by Mike Burke.)

The C-7A Caribou Association

Special Forces Killed in SouthEast Asia From SFAHQ.com List of SF personel who gave their all. By Reg Manning, CSM (Ret)

 Tree Climbing USA Information about recreational and edge-ucational tree climbing by Abe Winters

Golf Sites by Don Guzman, Maj (Ret)


Son Tay Raider Association - Web Site

What the Captain Means An Air Force Information Officer explains what a Pilot ment to say in an interview. (Link sent by Jim Meade)

3rd Recon Battalion USMC (Republic of Vietnam 1961-1971) Link sent by Ken Sawyer.

Retired Airborne Riggers Reunion, by Roy Warren. Ft. Benning Ga. 2002

The United States Army Military History Institute

What Tomorrow May Bring: memoirs of a photo officer in Vietnam Scenes from a 16mm documentary.

Lancer Association Homepage: Co B 158th Air Mobile.

U.S. Army Special Operations Command Web Site. http://www.soc.mil/

Welcome To Fort Bragg    http://www.bragg.army.mil/

Roy Benavidez' Medal Of Honor The Latino Heritage Web Site: http://latinoheritage.org/heroes/benavidez.htm
(Home Page: http://latinoheritage.org ) (Link sent by Al Castaņeda)

Buon Enao Project :

October 1962
As related by:
Art Fields, Master Sergeant USA, Special Forces Team Leader
Bill Chambers, Captain USAF, Air Commando Pilot
Charlie Jones, Staff Sergeant USAF, Air Commando CCT/FAC

The Air Commando Association Home Page

Air Assault Parity Coalition: The mission of the Air Assault Parity Coalition is to advocate for change of the criteria for the awarding of the Air Assualt Badge to include awarding the badge for combat assaults. (Link from Guy C. "Doc" Lamunyon)

The Vietnam War and the 24 Sons of Warren County, New Jersey
"Let Us Never Forget Our Heroes"
(Link Sent by Ron Titus)

THE 175th COMBAT ENGINEERS, part of the Brigade support of The 196th Light Infantry Brigade. The first independent light infantry brigade in the U.S. Army was activated 15 of September 1965 at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. (Link sent by Ron Titus)

The Battle of Kontum By: Lt. Col. John G. "Jack" Heslin (U.S.Army, retired) (Link sent by: DAVE BENNETT---DUSTOFF 61 69-70)

The Kitchen Table Gang: "The Kitchen Table Gang is a rag-tag bunch of military retirees trying to make life a little more pleasant for our hospitalized veterans... by providing hospitalized veterans with a little "R & R" in the form of magazines, newspapers, playing cards, greeting cards, "Care Packages," etc. "

Tiger Force Recon: "These pages are intended to honor and memorialize the men of 1/327 Infantry of the 101st Airborne Division, especially the men of Tiger Force Recon, from any year and any theater, both Active Duty and Veterans." (Link sent by Hank Ortega, Webmaster.)

LZ of the 240th Assult Helicopter Company Mad Dogs, Greyhounds & Kennel Keepers. (240th AHC inserted and rescued MSG Roy Benavidez from Cambodia where he earned his MOH.) [link sent by Joe 'Ragman' Tarnovsky 240th AHC Crew Chief/Doorgunner UH-1C Mad Dog Gunships July 69 to Oct 70]

240th Assult Helicopter Company Flightline Mad Dogs, Greyhounds & Kennel Keepers.[link sent by Joe 'Ragman' Tarnovsky]

McCormick's Place: Charles E. (Michael) McCormick II Major, AUS (Retired)

B-2/501st Infantry 101st Airborne Division. RVN 67-72

Sam Cook's U.S. Army Page

Dear Vietnam Veteran

The Story of Air Rescue in Vietnam As seen from the eyes of its pararescuemen. (Link sent by Jim Mason)

SpecialTactics.Com Pararescue and Combat Rescue Officer. (Link sent by Jim Mason.)

House 50 Vietnam Militaria Authentic VN Militaria

Air Assault Parity Coalition    The mission of the Air Assault Parity Coalition is to advocate for change of the criteria for the awarding of the Air Assault Badge to include awarding the badge for combat assaults.

SgtMaj Larry Groah, USMC Ret Home Page

The Australian Involvement in Vietnam Sent By Ern Marshall

The Virtual Wall   Sent By Nelson Garcia, LTC. (Ret.)

Dumbo Drop: "Operation Bahroom" link sent by Larry Groah, SgtMaj USMC (Ret.)

USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association  link sent by, Norm Urban, USMC, Capt. (Ret.)

Homepage von Rolf Gerster Link sent by, von Rolf Gerster, Major GS Swiss Army. Vietnam Zippo Ligher collection

THE DAHLINGS Terry Dahling SF. (Link sent by Gene Williams)

MACVSOG (Link sent by Gene Williams)

Hunting The Jackel.

CW2 John Paul's Web Site: http://www.cwo.com/~aargh/icorps.htm Photos from SOG Opns.

B52 Project Delta: Link sent by Frank Rickard.


SFA Chapter 82, Branson, MO. The Rocky Versace Chapter. Webmaster, Neil.

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #415 Lehigh Valley, PA.

In Honor of the 12th Special Forces Group ABN. Link sent by: Bruce Johnson

Mike Force History. Link sent by Sam Wheeler

MACV/SOG CCN RT Alaska Czech re-enactors web site. Link sent by John

Bob Wirt's Homepage: Lots of photos and info @ the 8th SFGA.

Marines.CC Link sent by Steve Gercak.

  • Marines
  • News and Articles
  • Military News Feeds
  • USMC Manuals

Synergy Index Link sent by Steve Gercak.

Our objective as an internet directory is to provide users with the ability to find what they are looking for without extensive searches on the internet. All listings on Synergy Index go through a comprehensive editorial review before being listed. As a result, you can be assured of finding what you need, when you need to.

281st AHC Intruders Steve Matthews great site about a great unit.

The 82nd AIRBORNE Division Association South Florida Chapter by Bob Wirt.

A Man is not dead until he is forgotten Sullivan and Basci storys are SF'ers
By Ray Davidson, syndicated columnist. He can be reached at  rayd45@aol.com.

Kristyn Murphy The Barefoot Soprano
Beautiful Voice             Patriotic Music

A Pittance OF Time
Poignant video
written and performed by Terry Kelly
(based on a personal experience.)
Go Here if you want to hear it in French.

Sent to me by Jean-Luc at
Jean-Luc's GIA VUC Tribute Website, J-L Vietnam Special Forces studies

A new patriotic anthem featuring music legends Kenny Gamble and Patti LaBelle, called “I Am An American.”
A portion of the proceeds benefit the Veterans Administration.

Celtic Woman - O America

Ayla Brown sings "The Star Spangled Banner" w/the Boston Pops

Celine Dion sings "God Bless America
aboard the USS Harry S. Truman on
CBS's "Rockin' for the USA -
A National Salute to the US Military.

The Ballad of the Green Beret - Special Forces tribute

Kate Smith introduces God Bless America

The Virtual Wall [TM]

A virtual wall of all those lost during the Vietnam war with the names,
bio's and other information on our lost heroes. 

More Than a Name on A Wall
Lost Canadian heroes who served in US Forces

Canadian Vietnam Veterans Information Website
Link sent by Hal Laffin

Vietnam Veterans Home Page
With a Lost and Found Search Engine

Veterans Report
Veterans Report is the most comprehensive newsletter available to help Veterans stay current on benefits changes, learn about important legislation, get great discounts, and use the benefits earned in service. From: Military.com

Title Logo

Vietnam Veterans' Monument
North Shore of the Allegheny River
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Washington County
Vietnam Veterans' Memorial

Washington, Pennsylvania  (Links sent by Robert McDowell)

Ray's Map Room. Vietnam areas of Operation. Lots of maps and well researched historical information.

Watch Operation White Star Vietnam at EncycloMedia.com

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"A Sister Love for her Brother"
SSG Geist, MIA

PowerPoint Presentation from
Donnie, USMC, Vietnam Vet.
(For a free PowerPoint Player go to:


The Vietnam Center and Archive.  (A project of Texas Tech University) Vast resource of materials related to the war in South East Asia.      


 Links to After Action Reports: Loc Ninh                (Click on the PDF icon)
Report - After Action Report: The Battle of Loc Ninh, 4-7 April 1972
Narrative Report on the Battle of Loc Ninh - Support Document from Project CHECO Report

For a list of documents related to Loc Ninh visit Texas Tech's archive.

Great Search Engine. Click on the logo.

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