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William H. Brushwood, SGM (Ret) Photos

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t_XOXMAS.jpg (6186 bytes)
1st Lt Walter Penn III, XO and LLDB intrepreter, Mr Kim at Plei Mrong, Christmas 1966.
t_TEAMHO~1.jpg (5349 bytes)
Teamhouse at Plei Mrong, A-252, 1966-1967
t_ALLEN.jpg (5802 bytes)
SSG Sam Allen, our team medic at Plei Mrong, A-252, early 1967.
t_ALLENS~1.jpg (7942 bytes)
Medic, SSG Sam Allen, "shooting up" the CIDG at Plei Mrong, early 1967.
t_ALLENDOC.jpg (7915 bytes)
Medic, SSG Sam Allen treating CIDG dependant in camp Plei Mrong, early 1967.
t_ALLENC~2.jpg (6123 bytes)
SSG Sam Allen Preparing to Lead Assult SSG Allen was KIA about 45 minutes after photo was taken.
t_AIRSTR~1.jpg (3401 bytes)
Air strikes by "fast movers" in the valley occupied by entrenched elements of the 24th NVA Regiment, 16 May, 1967.
t_AIRSTR~2.jpg (3409 bytes)
CIDG pushing off into the valley  containing entrenched elements of the 24th NVA Regiment (Story of engagement in Shelby Stanton's Book.)

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