The following photographs were sent to this site by the named individuals. They remain the property of the person who sent them and may not be reproduced or used in any way without the consent of that person.



Denver Minton

Thumb Nail Page: D Minton
    Denver On Patrol
    Denver On Patrol II
    Book Reference: Green Berets at War
    At Doc To '67
   On Patrol III
    Preparing to Depart on Operation
    Denver Just After Retirement
    With Elvis in Germany

Robert A. McDowell

Thumb Nail Page: R A McDowell
   Tet Offensive '68
   Tet Offensive II '68
   Robert firing AK-47
   Robert with Grease Gun

Gary Lamberty

Thumb Nail Pages: G Lamberty 1
                                 G Lamberty 2

    HQ 403rd Spec Opn Det, 5th SFGA - Nha Trang
    5th SFGA Recondo School - Nha Trang
    HQ 5th SFGA, 1st SF - Nha Trang
    HQ, 5th SFGA Main Gate - Nha Trang
    Delta Project (B-52) 5th SFGA - Nha Trang
    403rd SOD, B-24 Kontum
    Gary at B-33 Hon Quan
    Christmas at A-341 Bu Dop
    Main Gate to A-341 Bu Dop
    Gary at Bu Dop (A-341) with 3rd MSFC (B36)
    Gary at Rang Rang (War Zone D)
    B-36 Rang Rang (War Zone D)
    3rd Mike Force FOB at Rang Rang (War Zone D)
    B36 Recon on a "String" (McGuire Rig) (War Zone D)
    Gary at Hon Tre
     Bill McSmith B-43 (Chi Lang)
     Gary at Chi Lang
     Jon Phipps at Rang Rang
    Phil Gonzales at Can Tho
                          Photos From Korea
     Maeng In Su
     Seoul Korea: April 1970
     Seoul Korea: April 1970  II
     Shin Sol Dong

For more of Gary's Photos go to the Teamhouse:

John Boykin

Thumb Nail Page: J Boykin
   B34 Compound, Song Be       
   Ariel view of Bu Dop
   Air field and rubber trees from Bu Dop
   Some Bu Dop folks posing
   Part of the Bu Dop menagerie
   Celebrating Cambode New Year
   Camp Bu Dop: Looking towards main gate
   CIDG waiting for choppers
   Cpt. Trieu takes break near Cambodian Border
   SFC Renteria being decorated
   SSG Martin near Dak Jerman River
   John Boykin and "Pappy" Lamar
   John Boykin waiting for a lift out on Song Be Soccer Field
   John Seals: One of those NCOs that made SF great
   Top of Team House: Bu Dop
   More Cambode New Year Ritual
   Steing Yards outside Bu Dop
   Song Be Province Hdq. after sapper attack
   SSF Morris; CSM Lyons; Cpt. Stuart

Patrick Loughney

Thumb Nail Page: P Louughney
   Getting ready for Heliborne Opn.
   My Winning Smile
   Dining out in Loc Ninh

For SSG Burt Small,
MIA out of Minh Long

Stafford "John" Landry, Jr.

Thumb Nail Page: J Landry
   Cpt. Lugo
   A104 Team Photo

More A104 Photos on John's web page. Click on "John"

Mike Rhode

Thumb Nail Page: M Rhode
   Ariel view of Katum
   Mike Rhode and Jon Comini Former friends reacquainted
   Mike and MSG "Top" Ramirez - - Katum
   Mike and Fred Adams - -Katum
   Col. Rhode Administers Oath of Enlistment to His Son, Mike Rhode
   Red Battalion Decimated --Katum '68
   Ton Sun Nhut Mike and his father get together in Siagon '68
   Mike at Trang Sup
   Mike Supporting Desert Storm Troops

For more of Mike's photos go to: rhodendx at the Team House

Virgil Carter

Thumb Nail Page: V Carter
   Gia Vuc A-103
   Bato Special Forces Camp
    Lang Vei TOC
    Khe Shanh 67_2 
    A-113 Danang BARs
    A-113 Rhade Co
    A-113 Montagnards
    A-106 Ba To
    A-104 Ha Thanh
    A-108 Minh Long
    A-107 Tra Bong

Visit Virgil's web site for photos of Gia Vuc and the I Corps Mike Force. Also, scans of Virgil's stunning Gia Vuc and Mike Force art work. Virgil Carter's Homestead

Virgil Carter's I Corps Mike Force Paintings: Thumb Nail Page.
More of Virgil's Art Work and Photos On Jean-Luc's great web site: Tribute to Gia Vuc's A-Teams

Mark Atchison

A-411 Team Photo

More of Mark's photos at the Teamhouse:

Ed Sprague

Thumb Nail Pages: E Sprague
                                 E Sprague II (From Ed's Montagnard Page)
   Trai Mai Linh
   Phu Tuc Patrol-George Dooley
   A-226 Vietnam 1966
   Returning From Patrol-Ed Sprague w/Jarai CIDG
   Ed, Jack Sprague (no relation) and Martha Ray's Daughter

Visit Ed's Montagnard Page. More photos and information about the Montagnard tribes.

         Jim Euel

Thumb Nail Page: J Euel
    Delta Det.
    Delta 721
    Delta 722
    Delta 723
    Delta 724
    Delta 725
    Delta 727
    Beach Party

Bob Mitchell

Thumb Nail Page: B Mitchell
A-101 Mai Loc
Bu Prang

                     John Blevins

A-412, Kinh Quan Hai II
More of John's Photos on the Teamhouse site at:

Al Buckelew

Thumb Nail Page: A Buckelew
   Camp Ho Ngoc Tao home of C-5 (Special Operations) and B-56 (Project Sigma)
   B-56 1966
   Big Al
   C-5 1966
   Major Stiles, CO  Det B-56
   Buck's Wife, Helen, At An Khe '66-'67

                         Fred Mclaughlin

Thumb Nail Page: F Mclaughlin
   II Corps Mike Force Dragon Patch
   Kontum Mike Force 1970
   La Drang 1969 Montagnards Eating
   Fred Mclaughlin
   Ready To Go
   Mike Force Patches
   Pleiku Mike Force Fence Sign


                          Jon Comini
Thumb Nail Page: J Comini
                              J Comini II
                              J Comini III
   VC Base Camp we over ran in Jan '68
   NVA Base Camp ...May '68  ... near Gia Vuc
   NVA May 68. Orderly room and cadre quarters.
   NVA ... Mopping up and blowing the supply bunkers.
   NVA ... Barracks and supply rooms
   Martha Raye
   Clyde the Tiger at Det. B51 in July of 68. Dong Ba Thin
   Little Joe Orphan adopted by Bac Si Grossman's Parents
   Seperate Rations
    3 C's
    New Boots
    Booty from the Local VC
    Gathering Intell
    Gathering Intell II
     VR 1
     VR 2
         1. The Ceremonial Pole
         2. The Shaman and assistants.
         3. The sacrifice.
         4. Lunch
      Take a Civilian to Lunch
     Kon Gol in late '68

1. Baby Clyde at B 51
2. Crimpers? We don't need no steenkin' crimpers
3. Ed Mazur (RIP) left and recon leader on my right.

                            Steve Lentz

Thumb Nail Pages: S Lentz
                                 S Lentz II
   View of C-1
   My Old Caribou
   Taking off for Clark AFB
   Caribou Revving Up
   Steve and his Bird
   Wolfpack Mission Site at Nha Trang
   C-123 Provider
   C-123 being loaded for a S.F. Camp somewhere
   Taking off from Nha Trang       
   Somewhere in the RVN!
   S.F. Camp Air Drop
   A Shot of Hon Tre Island
   A Shot of the Mission Site Area Just After Sundown.
   281st Intruders Area
   Beautiful Downtown Nha Trang
   Steve with ROK Marine Convoy Vehicles
   The Bone Yard
   Steve at the Mission Site in Nha Trang
   Air Drop 1
   Air Drop 2
   Air Drop 3
   Air Drop 4
   Air Drop 5

                 Brian Paine

Thumb Nail Page: B Paine
   Insertion: Close to the Noth Viet Border
   Recondo Trainig at Nha Trang: McGuire Rig
   Recondo Training at Nha Trang: McGuire Rig II
   RECONDO Team from MACV-RCONDO School in Nha Trang
   Article: Brerets Smash NVA Road
   281st AHC Inserting Project Delta Team
 Ben Roberts

Thumb Nail Page: B Roberts
      Sgt Ben Roberts, Medic: Van Canh A-223, 1967
     Ivan Bomark, Ben Roberts & Montagnard company of CIDG overrun.
     Receiving Award
     One for the Road
     "No Fear - we live here!"
     Van Canh A-223, 1967 Team Photo
A-223 - Van Canh SF Camp - Close up, 1967
Ben Roberts in VC Village
     Ssgt Ivan Bomark and Sgt Ben Roberts on the Van Canh Runway.
     Abandoned building in a VC controlled area.
     Children - faces of war
     Looking for a Little Action
     "Ballsy" Bev's Skydive at SOAR 1998
For more of Ben's Photos at the Team House: Ben 1; Ben 2; Ben 3; Ben 4; Ben 5; Visual Reality; Beach Bliss.

   William H. Brushwood

Thumb Nail Pages: W H Brushwood
                                 W H Brushwood  p2
                                 W H Brushwood p3

   After Ambush Bill with NVA weapons from ambush.
   USSF - MSG Pickles, Tm Sgt, SSG Hollis, Wpns Sgt, and  SFC Brushwood, Intell Sgt
   SFC Brushwood, Air movement NCO, at the C team front gate in Pleiku, 1968.
    SFC Parmentier and SSG Bookout at Plei Mrong in 1967.
    Naygo and Gao Our two interpreters at Plei Mrong.
    Plei Mrong intrepreter, Naygo in 1967
    On operation west of Plei Mrong, 1967. Lt.Penn, XO, Nago, interpreter, and CIDG company Commander.
     CIDG company crossing stream during operation west of Plei Mrong in 1967.
     SFC Brushwood and Naygo, Intrepreter on operation west of Plei Mrong, 1967.
    Plei Mrong 1967 CPT Williams, Det Cdr, Lt. Penn, XO, and MSG Erwin, Tm Sgt.
     Former Viet Minh named Choui. Confirmed VC and NVA hater and Plei Mrong recon platoon leader in 1967
     SFC Brushwood bringing mascot back to Plei Mrong from Nha Trang aboard an Otter, 1967.
     Plei Mrong mascot, named Ralph, at his new home, 1967
    A-242 Dak Pek team November 1967.
     1st Lt Walter Penn III, XO and LLDB intrepreter, Mr Kim at Plei Mrong, Christmas 1966.
     Teamhouse at Plei Mrong, A-252, 1966-1967
     SSG Sam Allen, our team medic at Plei Mrong, A-252, early 1967.
     Medic, SSG Sam Allen, "shooting up" the CIDG at Plei Mrong, early 1967.
     Medic, SSG Sam Allen treating CIDG dependant in camp Plei Mrong, early 1967.
     SSG Sam Allen Preparing to Lead Assult SSG Allen was KIA about 45 minutes after photo was taken.
     Air strikes by "fast movers" in the valley occupied by entrenched elements of the 24th NVA Regiment, 16 May, 1967.
     CIDG pushing off into the valley  containing entrenched elements of the 24th NVA Regiment (Story of engagement in Shelby Stanton's Book.)

Terry McCully

How they look now. Recent photos of some of the III Corps Camps.
Thumb Nail Page:
T McCully
                               T McCully2  
                               T McCully3
     An Loc: VC Graves
     Ben Cat: Hwy 13 Thunder Road
     Ben Suc Tank: Iron Triangle
     Bunard Air Strip 1995
     Chi Linh Air Field
     Dau Tieng Air Strip '98
     Katum: South End of Runway
     Terry and his Wife at Lai Khe
     Loc Ninh Air Strip: Far End
     Loc Ninh: Commie Statue
     Gate to Loc Ninh
     Loc Ninh: Terry and His wife
     Camp Below Nui Ba Den
     Sai River
     Tay Ninh Artillery
     Vung Tau
     Sunrise at Vung Tau
     Old Artillery at Vung Tau
     Terry, Koo Koo and former 1/16th Inf. Employee.
     Terry and his Brother at Sai
     Sai River: Water Front Property
     Sai Gone
     Iron Triangle: Near Ben Suc
     Tay Ninh
     River View at Bien Doung
     Bien Doung
     Mod Saigon
     Former CIDG: Quan Loi
     Ham Tan 2
     Ham Tan
     Former ARVN SGT: Lai Khe
     Lai Khe

Ron Goodin

Thumb Nail Page: R Goodin

Hdq C&C Detachment MACV SOG Danang VN 1967
Camp Ba Xoai, Det A-421, 1967
Resupply Time: Camp Ba Xoai 67
Team Members: Det-A421 Team House 1967
On Patrol: Nui Cam Mountain Seven Mountains area 1967
Nui Cam Mountain: Four Corps.1967
Patrol Pictures-Nui Cam Mountain. 1968
Letter Writing-base camp Nui Cam.1968
The Delta-Rice Patties: Four Corp.1968
After the Street Fighting in Nha-Trang. Tet 68
Direct Hit-commo bunker C-det Can Tho. Tet 68
Patrol Pics-Nui Cam Mountain. 1968

Curt Jones

Thumb Nail Page: C Jones
   Recon Outside of Song Be
   Recondo: Camp Ho Gnoc Tao: Project Sigma B-56
   Camp Ho Gnoc Tao: Project Sigma B-56

Al Dunnem

Thumb Nail Page: A Dunnem

Ben Het Bunker '63-'64
Foward Ops Base at Ben Het
Jim Taylor and Al Dunnem: Working on Surgery Lights
Al with Monkey

Billy (AKA The Greek) Bassakyros

Thumb Nail Page: B Bassakyros

Cung Son Market A-221
Cung Son Airstrip
Billy "The Greek" with Montagnards At A-221
Airfield under construction at A-221, "B" Co. 39th
Airfield  Construction
Convoy on LTL7B to Tuy Hoa
Huey gunships for air support.
First supply ship, Chinook, to land on new airfield.
View of Cung Son Hamlet from base of A-221
Huey gunship escort for Battalion XO
On Route to Tuy Hoa
Billy With Battalion CO and XO
Billy at Cung Son

Jim Meade

Thumb Nail Page: J Meade

Waiting for Air Drop
More Ammo Please
Tangerine 31 At Work
Another Day In The Office
“G.I. You Number Ten Cheap Charlie” Hero Medal Number One.

For more of Jim's photos, go to his photo site: Song Be Photos

Oleg Akulov

Russian Platoon in Afghanistan

Mike Burke

Camp Artillery I
Camp Artillery II
Jerry Shriver

George S. Gray

Warren Chapman

Warren I
Warren II

Vince Gaston

Vince at original CP in Dak Pek 62.
Team A-13 Dak Pek, Vietnam
First awards recognized for the 5thSFG in VN (1963)

Claire (Stevenson) Myers

SSG Bobby Stevenson KIA 2 Jan 69

Jerry Braudrick
 A-104 Ha Thanh Team Photo

Bob Jones

Thumb Nail Page: B Jones

   Unit Formation C-3
   Jones at the Wall When Dedicated


Johnny Kinder

Thumb Nail Page: J Kinder

Australian Troops at Bu Dop 1966
Bu Dop Dec '66
D4 Cat
Johnny Kinder at Bu Dop Dec '66
Massey Furgeson &Yard 1/2 Pan
Oliver Tractor and Johnny Kinder

Gen. Westmoreland at Bu Dop Jan '67
Sgt. Williams (Later KIA)


Bill Leap

Thumb Nail Page: B Leap
                               B Leap II
                               B Leap III

VC/NVA certificate captured near Chi Lang
VC/NVA certificate captured near Chi Lang II
Looking west from B-43 Chi Lang tower
Nui Cam
AH-1 Cobra at Chi Lang
Swamp Fox 25 at Chi Lang
Cpt. Neely, Cpt. Lee, George Peppard, SP4 Leap
Bill Leap with captured Chicom grenade
HQ, BCCR 1, USASF Det. B-43, Chi Lang
My last day with the SF. Departing C-3 (Bien Hoa)
Bill Leap, near B-43, Chi Lang
A local meal.
AH-1 Cobra at Chi Lang II
Sgt. Pete Aparin - working hard at B-43.
Sgt. John McDonald - the commo man at Chi Lang.
SP4 Bob Pope and Frubbie at Chi Lang
Nui Giai from the backseat of Swamp Fox 25 (OE-1)
Part of Seven Mountains Area Map

Scans of Unauthorized SF patches
DELTA Patch--The Original One
Mike Force Patch
Project Prairie Fire
RT Krait
RT Louisiana - CCN
RT Moccazin - FOBA
RT Rhode Island
RT Weather - CCS

Gerald Skokandich

Thumb Nail Page: G Skokandich

Tong Le Chon 1
Tong Le Chon 3
Tong Le Chon 4
Tong Le Chon 5

Robert "Bob" Stepanian

Bob's Photos at the Teamhouse:
SFC Schimke: Vietnam Hero Dies in Road Block Tragedy.

Dak To / Kontum Area Images

Thumb Nail Page: Dak To / Kontum

Dak Bla River Valley By Wayne Cook
Dak To #2 Origin Unk.
Dak To Area Map By Gene Putnal
Kontum with Legend By Gene Putnal
Tom Heckman and 1st Lt. Littleton By Wayne Cook
Polei Kleng
Wayne Cook and the MRC-108

Afghani Tornado: "Puff The Majic Dragon"

Brian Bailey

Thumb Nail Page: B Bailey

Bullseye (Detail 1)
Bullseye (Detail 2)
Bullseye (Detail 3)
CCN Team Extraction
CCN (Detail 1)

Bullseye Banner Information from Brian Bailey

Thomas Leonard

Thumb Nail Page: T Leonard

281st AHC Drops Us Off On Hon Tre Island
Award Formation: SFC Fred Zabitosky getting his DSC in 1968.
281st AHC Returns: Pilot's view
Co-pilot view
5th Group Dairy Queen

Claymore Mine With Willie Pete
Nha Trang - 1968 from Watch Tower
First Week In-Country
FO Class
A-502 Trung Dung


Joe Paris

Thumb Nail Page: J Paris
Thumb Nail Page 2: J Paris2

CCC Pets Samantha
Charlie Visit 1
Charlie Visit 2
Dak To #1
Dak To #2
Dak To #3
Dak To #4
Dak To #5
Dak To Crapper
Dak To Kids
De Oppresso Liber
I.A. Drills #2
I.A. Drills Rodd
Lamp & Rodd
More Rice Wine
Mussleman & Todd
Paris 30+ Yrs Later
Pig Alley
Rice Wine
RT Wyoming
Team Leaders School
RT Wyoming Tab

Ray Celaya

Trang Phuc, A233 - Martha Rae, January 1970
CIDG Medics


Dan O'Hanlon & Bill Malone

A-421, Ba Xoai Team Photo. '69


James Mason
Thumb Nail Page:

LiveFire 2
Lt Seetin
SFC Ralph Mathews
Family on Nui Ba Den
Sunrise on Nui Ba Den
Me on radio - 1967
Me in front of my living quarters
WO Tommy Martin of 187th AHC
Laundry day on Nui Ba Den

James E. Saunders

A-Team (probably A-226 Mai Linh)
James H. "Sandy" Sanders
Ed Sprague

Larry Groah

Thuong Duc Oct 70

Bradford Brassington

Wayne Marshall Anderson Memorial
Wayne & Friend in Camp.

Pete Skamser

Dak Pek 1962


John Fravel

Thumb Nail Page: J_Fravel 
Thumb Nail Page 2: J_Fravel2

Tong Le Chon Photos

TLC Camp 0001
TLC Camp 0002
TLC Camp 0003
TLC Camp 0004
TLC Camp 0005
TLC Camp 0006

Battle of Loc Ninh 1
Battle of Loc Ninh 2a
Battle of Loc Ninh 2b
Battle of Loc Ninh 3a
Battle of Loc Ninh 3b
Battle of Loc Ninh 4
Tong Le Chon Overran

Matt Beyeler

Thumb Nail Page: M. Beyeler

RT Montana 1971
Montana Falls Dac To 1971
122 MM Attack
An RT Home Safe I
An RT Home Safe II
RT South Dakota
1LT Matthew Beyeler
1LT Michael Forte

Millard Knecht Photos
Sent by his son, Richard Knecht


Doug Sapper Photo

Team A-111 prior to being deployed to Viet-Nam


William Harvey Photos

Thumb Nail Page W.Harvey
                             W.Harvey II
                            W. Harvey III

B-50 commobunker-centralhighlands-66       
CO with captured plus
Captured VC-kkk weapons
Fly in brass (US) captured vc-kkk brass(them)
LocNinh mortarpit-sept67
Our Brass-Their Brass-need names
Schroder (medic) LocNinh sept67
Ssgt William Harvey-locninh-snipershots-sept67
VC-KKK-LocNinh-1967-and camp cidg
captured and captors-LocNinh1967
captured vc-kkk-with interperter-loc ninh sept1967
macv brass-captured vc-kkk brass-cidg brass-loc ninh sept67
what are their names-vietnam67
Vietnam newspaper (Taken from Captured Charlie.)

10 Specialforces, Badtolz,Germany. Hq.1stsfg.
10thsfg BeerParty, flintkercern BadTolz,Germany
Bill Harvey and French Paratroopers.1964
CampZ ama HospitalJapan1067, Bil lHarvey
Ssgt Harvey rewinding code tapes, 7thsfg
USMC promotion to PFC-May1959
ggroup Badtolz,Germany, radioteletype trucks in motor pool 1964   
thsfg, fortbragg training group.Ssgt Harvey teaching Morsecode   

B-50 camp set up central highlands, early67
CIDG, A-331, on side of wall facing rubber trees
Camp Medic, Loc Ninh runway, holding CIDG kid, oct67
Loc Ninh , bringing in the captured, sept.67
Loc Ninh Lookout, BillHarvey, facing runway, oct67
Loc Ninh Medic teaching, sept.67

Larry McGirr Photos

Thumb Nail Pages: L. McGirr
                               L. McGirr II
                               L. McGirr III

TP panaromic1
TanPhu 360 degree panaramic5
TanPhu 360 degree panaramic6
TanPhu 360 degree panaramic7
Tan Phu 360 degree panaramic8
Tan Ph uAerial
Tan Phu BirdsEye
Tan Phu Canal
Tan Phu Tower
Tan Phu bunkers
Tan Phu defensive peremiter2
Tan Phu perimeter
Tan Phu village
Tower Tan Phu
Trail to U Minh forest
VN soldiers
Work Party
Work Party Tan Phu

SSgt McGirr_CIDG
SSgt McGirr andx
SSgt McGirr beer
SSg tMcGirr boats
SSg tMcGirr punji
Sharing Goodies

BarbedwireTan Phu
Bridge Defensive bunker
Bridge defensive
Canal Intersection
Canal T2
Defensive bunker
Defensive compound
Lawrence McGirr
Maj_Mrs.Phong Mar64 Tan Phu
McGirr & Beachum 3.5 mm mortor
McGirr & VN soldiers
McGirr & electrical wire
McGirr 2
McGirr Cambode Lawson
McGirr in boat
McGirr new building
McGirr on bridge wVNtroops
New papa
New papa2
Papa & picture
Proud papa3
Raymond Burr, SSGMcGirr 14May64 TanPhuVN
Raymond Burr2
River canals
bunker position


Rod Jones Photos

Lt. Jones, LLDB team leader, Lt. Sizemore, Msgt. Pickles
Sgt Howard, assisted by M. Sgt Pickles preparing c4 charges
Chinooks bringing in Mike Force
Dak Pek 1968
Sgt. Johnnie L. Hollis
Montagnards on patrol. Dak Pek
Entering VMC base camp
rice for NVA
bamboo pipe water supply for VMC
Sgt Hollis and LLDB friend
discussing an operation
Sgt Hollis teaching small arms to montagnard leaders
On patrol
Sgt McAvoy
Lt. Jones on patrol
Lt Jones and scouts returning from 2 weeks in field
Lt Jones and scouts
Sgt Howard, cidg commander and scouts on patrol
Lt Jones and Sgt Howard on patrol
Montagnard child care system at work

Mike Manz Photos


Index II

4.2 Charlie
4.2 Charlie Nha Trang
About 1000FT above Cam Rahn Bay
Bob Hope & Jill St. John
Bu-Dop 1965
Heland in the Hole
HHC Nha Trand Delt
HHC Nha Trang Delta B52


Paul W. Miraldi Author, Student & History Buff

paul w. miraldi Slide Show

B-33 Hon Quan 12
B-33 Hon Quan 16
B-33 Hon Quan 29
Camp Gia Vuc 1964
Joe Messer
Sign at Nha Trang 1968
SF Camp
Tigerstripes 068
Tigerstripes 070
Tigerstripes 160
Tigerstripes 182
Pics of Me
Whitestar 089
Whitestar 01
Hawaian Photo 037
Hawaian Photo 038
Hawaian Photo 039
Hawaian Photo 040
Tigerstripes 074

Paul W. Miraldi Author, Student & History Buff
Books by Paul W. Miraldi: US Army Infantry LRRPs and Rangers in Vietnam & US Military Advisors in Vietnam

paul w. miraldi I Thumb Nails
          Early SF Advisor
          Mom in Yard
          New Years 1968
          post 1486
          post 229
          Tigerstripes watch 025
          Tigerstripes watch 160
          US 106
          US Special Forces Leopards 030

Robert Sepi: Index
B55 TOC '67
SGTM Swindle, Lt. Minh
Song Be Post Extraction
Daryl Leach
A404 airboats

Adam C. Jung

Joe Tucker
Extraction Song Be

SGM Kirschbaum's amazing collection of photos can be viewed on Photobucket at
Chau, Vila (aka) Huon Chau
        B43 Phouc Tuy '72 with UTIG



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