Wayne Cook Photos / Dak Bla River Valley
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The Dak Bla River Valley

The Dak Bla river valley looking to the North toward Mang Buk, another SF A camp. Looking North as this photo does, Dak To 1 & 2 would be off to the left and further North was Dak Pek, Dak Sut, Dak Seang, and Ben Het. Dak Pek sat almost on the II Corps/I Corps border. Off to the right at the head of the valley was Mang Buk, a real spooky piece of country. High mountains with sheer dropoffs and totally deserted. Captain Bill Allee, with me in the back seat were up there to put in some ordnance on a VC encampment when his engine "sputtered," stopped, sputtered, stopped, and etc, and we were over a steep valley praying for all we were worth and watching that prop start and stop. Never got the ordnance in, but we were escorted back to Kontum by a pair of F-100's.

Tom Heckman