My name is Daisy A. Badolati. I am the only daughter of SSG Frank N. Badolati, US Army Special Forces. It has been 33 years that my father has been missing presumed dead. It has been a very difficult issue for me to deal with over the years, so much so that I made the greatest effort to accept my loss and forget ever having had a father. Recently however I found this impossible, and after so many years I believe it to be him who found me!

This has been confirmed for me as I began to learn more about my father, the strength of his will, spirit and the depth of his commitment both to me and his country. I know that he is not a man to be forgotten and never a day will go by where I am so weak as to leave his spirit behind.

This was my first trip to the wall, as well I spent time at the moving wall. It was terribly sad and lonely, but there I found a place to cry and many people to share my tears. I don't believe I will ever see my father in this lifetime. I was only three the last time I saw him. Yet through the support, kindness, understanding and stories from his comrades and others, that I have found at least an understanding and resurrected love for my father, a great man and hero.

Thank You,
I am searching for people who knew my father, as well as others who may like to meet me as the long lost daughter of a Fifth Special Forces Group Hero.
If you would like to write to me directly I would be happy to return your letter. My address is: daisy_badolati@hotmail.com

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2014/12/13 11:34:27