Name: Vester (Skip) Reid


Retired Rank: CW2

PMOS: 31V (O5B) SMOS: 11f Other: 180A

Groups: 1st SFGA
3rd SFGA
5th SFGA
10th SFGA

Teams/Camps in SE ASIA: A251 and II CORPS MSF, 232 Co, 3rd MSF Bn. 1969-1970

Comments: do not remember the 18 series mos for the above. getting old. I started in SF as a SGT in 1967 and advanced to MSG. In the end I chose to become one of the first 180A WO, then retired in 1990.

If you worked w/SF:


Home Town: Parkton, NC

Presently Living in: Parkton, NC


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