Ed Sprague's
Montagnard Page

Snapshots of the Bahnar and Jarai cultures.

Biographical note: Ed Sprague spent 7 years living among the Montagnards and come to know them as few others have. As the Team Sgt. of a Special Forces Camp, Trai Mai Linh (A-226), in the Phu Bon Province, he developed a respect for their culture as well as their fighting abilities.

The following photos, taken by Ed, are snapshots into the lives of the Montagnards during the Vietnam war.


Bahnar Family

Bahnar Chief's Daughter

Bahnar Friend

Bahnar Sacrifice

Contented Bahnar Child

Ed Sprague's Montagnard girl friend

Gen. Westmorland Camp Visit

Four Montagnard Wood Carvings:

Jarai King Of Fire

Returning From Patrol-Ed Sprague w/Jarai CIDG

CIDG Ladies

Jarai Culture Drama

Hua Psat "Celebration of the Dead"

Hua Psat

Hua Psat

Mnong Escape with Elephant

Two Jari Youth with their Water Buffalo


Bhnar Baby Basket


The Montagnards in Vietnam reside mostly in the central highlands. The map shows the location of the various tribes.

Yard_Map.jpg (81512 bytes)
(map by Ed Sprague. All rights reserved)


Jari CIDG with weapons

Montagnard Villiages 

Bahnar Lady

*Webmaster's note: Please visit: Save The Montagnard People (STMP) Lots of information about the plight of the Montagnard people, their ethnic cleansing by the Communist Viet Government, and the callous inattention to this tragedy by the US Government.

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