Vinh Thanh
A-228, 5th SFGA
A-211, 1st SFGA

John LoPinto Sp/4
Welsh, Thomas Howard KIA
SFC    Opn/Intell
Max Lund, CPT
Field Artillery

Area map of Vinh Thanh

For maps and information about Vinh Thanh "...see SFC Leigh Wade's book 'The Protected Will Never Know'. He was one of the original A-Team members to open the camp and describes the first 6 months or so. He describes relieving team A-122 at Tuy Phouc, preparing that camp for use by ROK forces, loading the CIDG up in trucks and traveling down Highway 14 with a huge 1st Cav escort and up the dirt road into the "Happy Valley" to open camp Vinh Thanh.

It was turned over to the LLDB and was strictly a VNSF camp by the end of 1967.

Also, see Larry Gwin's book 'Baptism' on the Cav's activities there"*

A-228 Vinh Thanh Binh Dinh Province Opened: 25 Nov 65 25 Dec 67 converted to VNSF
30 Jun 69 converted to Regional Forces **

* Robert K. Deacy
** CMH Publication 90-23. Department of the Army. Washington, D.C. 1989 (First Printed, 1973); Appendix C

'65 / '66
CO: Capt Durr ***

***  First Special Forces Group (Airborne) Annual Historical Summary: 1965.   TDY teams '64 and '65


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