Minh Long

Area Map of Minh Long

Bert Small, SSG, MIA Willie J. Hunter
Heavy Weapons
Waskas, Joseph A MSG (E8) [MSG Ret.]
Lonnie Shoultz, Sp4**
David Hunter, SFC [SFC, Ret.]
Franklin Dooms [SGM, Ret.]
Chris Green, E-5
Walter Shurling, SGT
Opns & Intel NCO
Stephen Hall, [Maj. Ret.]
Platoon Leader
Gordon Clark, SFC [SFC Ret.]

A-108 Minh Long Quang Ngai Province Opened: 25 Aug 66 Sep 70 converted to ARVN Ranger; 25 *

* CMH Publication 90-23. Department of the Army. Washington, D.C. 1989 (First Printed, 1973); Appendix C

** "I was just on the Minh Long (A-108) page and noticed that the opening date is wrong. On another website, they go through the machination of Minh Long being originally settled in the Spring of 1966 by a Mike Force from Nha Trang. Those of us who actually built the camp and trained the Strikers went onsite (actually shared space with the District Regional Forces -"RF") for a few weeks until our first troops got back from Dong Ba Thin. So, most of us are generally shown to have arrived on site on May 26, 1966. That's quite a few weeks earlier than the date you have for the camp opening." (info from Lonnie Shoultz.)


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