Dak Pek
A-13 5th SFGA TDY
A-242 5th SFGA PCS

Dak Pek Area Map

Denver Minton SFC
Light Weapons
William H Brushwood, SGM (Ret.)
Team Sgt/Intell
Jim Taylor
Rodolfo Chavez SSG, KIA
Larry Crotsley Vince Gaston
Richard Ryan, SFC [SFC, Ret]
William Wilkison, SFC
051.63, 518.67
Rod (Pat) Patterson, [MSG, Ret]
John Liner, [CW3, Ret]
Glenn Watson, [MSG, Ret.]
Hank Emond, Sgt
Fred (Injun) Adams, SSG

Charles Young, SGT

Roderick Jones, 1st Lt.
Larry Vosen, E5
Lt. Wpns
Samuel Sanford, [LTC, Ret]


The Following information from Vince Gaston, MSG E-8 (Ret), member of 5th Special Forces Group (Abn) Team to open camp, Dak Pek.

Dak Pek Special Forces Camp opened September 62 by: Detachment A-13, 5th SFGA; turned over to A-242 in March 63. Team A-13 Photo

CO George W. (Speedy) Gaspard, BG, (Ret)
Colorado ,Pres.CH 34,SFA
XO Pete Skamser (left SF after mission.)
TmSgt Eugene (Gene) Haas MSG E-8 (Ret)
Fayetteville, N. C.
Intell Sgt. Vincent P. (Vince) Gaston MSG E-8 (Ret) Costa Rica
HyWpns Don (Red) Welty (Deceased)
LtWpns Clarence (Horny) Hornbuckle (KIA 66)
Demo William (Rod) Roderick (Consultant Engineer, Calif.)
Demo Bill Wilkison (Retired Engineer, Indiana)
Commo Charles (Chuck) Walsh (Vanished?)
Commo Hoyt L. (Old Crow) Henry (Deceased)
Medic Richard (Doc) Gladfelter (Ret. Maj. MC; Colorado)(Returned to Dak Pek in 66 as Capt.)
Medic Frank Burke (Tonawanda, NY)

The attached photo is the original CP of Dak Pek in 62. Team A-13, 5th SFGA, Ft. Bragg, TDY, established the camp, recruiting and training mostly Jeh and Jerai to Battalion strength as part of the CIDG program aimed at border control.

The camp was turned over to A-242 in March of 63, complete with housing, hospital, school, as well as strong defensive positions and Team facilities.

That was Dak Pek "In the beginning". I splurged on a new scanner to get all my old slides on disk
and am collecting other photos and films from the succesive teams with the intention of building a website on the history of Dak Pek. Most of that area is now resettled with VN owned coffeefields and the "People" have been banished into Laos and Cambodia.Some are in N.C.

Vince Gaston

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