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A-501 Hoi An

C-1 (Co. C) Da Nang
               Nam Dong
               A-101 Khe Sanh / A-101 Lang Vei / A-101 Mai Loc
              A-102 A Shau / A-102 Tien Phuoc  / A-102a Aloui FOB
              A-103 Gia Vuc
              A-104 Ha Thanh / A-104 Son Ha
              A-105 Nong Son / A-105 Kham Duc
              A-106 Ba To
              A-107 Tra Bong
              A-108 Minh Long
              A-109 Thuong Duc
              A-110 Con Thien
       B-16 Mobile Strike Force (aka MIKE Force) DaNang
              A-100 MSF Detachment
              A-111 MSF Detachment
              A-113 MSF Detachment
              A-114 MSF Detachment
      B-11 Chu Lai

C-2 (CO. B) Pleiku

                   A-212 Phi Ho / A-212 Plei Mrong
                   A-218 Dak Sut
B-22 An Khe / B-22 Qui Nhon
                    A-220 Plei Ta Nagle
                    A-221 Kannack / A-221 Cung Son
                    A-222 Dong Tre / A-222 Bu Prang
                    A-223 Van Canh / A-223 Qui Nhon
                    A-224 Buon Beng / A-224 Phu Tuc
                   A-225 Le Hai
                   A-226 Trai Mai Linh  / A-226 Mang Buk
                   A-227 Ha Tay
                   A-228 Vinh Thanh Formerly A-211
       B-23 Ban Me Thout
                   A-231 Suoi Doi / A-231 Tieu Atar
                   A-232 Buon Brieng / A-232 Bao Loc / A-232 Tan Rai
                   A-233 Trang Phuc / A-233 Buan Ea Yang / A-233 Buon Mi Ga /A-233 Ban Don / A-233 Tieu Atar
                   A-234 An Lac / A-234 Phey Srunh
                   A-235 Nhon Co
                   A-236 Bu Prang  / A-236 Lac Thien
                   A-237 Luong Son
                   A-238 Phouc Thien / A-238 Buon Blech
                   A-239 Duc Lap
         B-24 Kontum  
                   A-241 Polei Kleng
                   A-242 Dak Pek
                   A-243 Plateau GI
                   A-244 Dak To   / A-244 Ben Het  / A-244 Dac Pek
                   A-245 Dac Seang
                   A-246 Mang Buk
                   A-244 Ben Het
          B-25 Pleiku (Closed in Aug '66. The A-25x teams placed under B-24)
                   A-251 Plei Djereng
                   A-252 Plei Mrong  /( A-252 Plei Djereng ??)
                   A-253 Duc Co
                   A-254 Plei Do Lim
                   A-255 Plei Me

          B-20 Mobile Strike Force (aka Mike Force) Pleiku
                  A-213 MSF
                         Blackjack 22

                  A-204 MSF Kontum
          Mobile Strike Force Quin Nhon
                   A-217 MSF Pleiku
                   A-218 MSF Pleiku
                   A-219 MSF Pleiku
            Eagle Flight

C-3 (Co A) Bien Hoa 
                     B-31 Phuoc Vinh / B-31 Xuan Loc
                             A-311 Tan Linh / A-311 Hiep Hoa
                             A-312 Phuoc Vinh / A-312 Xom Cat / A-312 Cao Bien
                   B-32  Tay Ninh  
                            A-321 Ben Soi
                            A-322 Katum  / A-322 Prec Loc  / A-322 Sui Da
                            A-323 Thien Ngon  / A-323 Trai Bi
                            A-324 Nui Ba Den
                            A-325 Bao Don / A-325 Duc Hue
                            A-326 Tra Cu   / A-326 Ben Cat / A-326 Go Dau Ha    
                   B-33 An Loc (AKA: Hon Quan)
                            A-331 Loc Ninh
                            A-332 Minh Thanh
                            A-333 Chon Thon / A-333 Chi Linh
                            A-334 Tong Le Chon
                    B-34 Song Be
                             A-341 Bu Dop   A-341 Bu Ghia Map  
                             A-342 Dong Xoai
                             A-343 Duc Phong
                             A-344 Bunard
                     B-35 Duc Hoa  / B-35 Hiep Hoa
                             A -351 Duc Hue  / A-351 Hiep Hoa
                             A-353 Lung Hoa  / A-352 Tra Cu
                     B-36 Mobile Strike Force (aka MIKE Force) Long Hai
                             A- 301 Trang Sup / A-301 Ben Cat
                             A-302 Bien Hoa
                             A-303 Ho Ngoc Tau
                             A-304 Tanh Linh A-304 (TF-966) training/staging out of Trang Sup
                             A-362 Long Hai
                                        FOBs at: Bu Dop, Song Be, Katum, Rang Rang & others
                             A-363 Long Hai

C-4 (Co. D) Can Tho 
Effective 1 June 1967 numbers for Military Region 4 camps were changed to correspond with parent B Detachments. [Chart of camps effected by change.]    
                    B-41 Moc Hoa
                            A-410 Binh Thanh Thon
                            A-411 Bien Hung / A-411 My Phuoc Tay Opened as A-424
                            A-411 Don Phuc / A-411 Hai Yen
                            A-412 Kinh Quan Hai II
                            A-413 Binh Thanh Thon
                            A-414 Moc Hoa / A-414 Thanh Tri
                            A-415 Tuyen Nhon
                            A-416 My Dien II
                    B-42 Chao Doc  /  B-42 Long Xuyen
                            A-421 Nui Tuong / A-421 Ba Xoai
                            A-422 Long Khanh / A-422 Vinh Gia
                            A-423 Chau Lang / A-423 Tien Binh
                            A-424 An Phu / A-424 Thanh Tri
                            A-426 Tri Ton
                    B-43 Chi Lang   / B-43 Cao Lanh / B-43 Long Hai / B-43 Phuc Thuy
                            A-431 Cai Cai
                            A-425 An Long / A-432 Thuong Thoi / A-432 Chi Lang Opened as A-425
                            A-433 My Da/ My An (A-426)
                    B-44 Phu Quoc
                            A-441 Phu Quoc Opened as A-427
                            A-442 Tan Chau / A-442 Phu Quoc / A-442 To Chau
                    B-40 Mobile Strike Force (aka MIKE Force)
                            A-401 / A-430 Don Phuc Opened as A-430
                            A-402 MSF, Moc Hoa / A-402 MSF, To Chau
                            A-403 MSF, To Chau 
                            A-404 MSF
                            A-405 MSF, Ha Tien Opened as A-421


C-5 (Special Operations)
      B-50 Project Omega
      B-51 VNSF Training Center
      B-52 Project Delta
      B-53 Long Ton
      B-55 Mobile Strike Force Nha Trang / B-55 Saigon
      B-56 Project Sigma
      B-57 Project Gamma
      Mobile Strike Force Training Center

Provincial Reconnaissance Unit Combined Studies Division

Phoenix Project

FIELD Training Command

402nd SOD
403rd SOD

281st Assault Helicopter Company, 5th Special Forces Group

31st Engineer Det

1st Special Forces Group (ABN)
3rd Special Forces Group (ABN)
5th Special Forces Group (ABN)

7th Special Forces Group (ABN)
6th Special Forces Group (Abn)
8th Special Forces Group (ABN)
10th Special Forces Group (ABN)
11th Special Forces Group (ABN)
46th Special Forces Company (ABN): Thailand
12th Special Forces Group (Abn)
19th Special Forces Group (Abn)
20th Special Forces Group (Abn)
77th Special Forces Group (Abn)
Detachment "A" Berlin Brigade
Special Forces Training Group: Staff
Special Warfare School: Staff
8231st SOD (ODA 16)

Son Tay Raiders

        FOB 1 Phu Bai
        FOB 2 Kontum
        FOB 3 Khe Sanh
        FOB 4
       Command and Control North: CCN Da Nang
       Command and Control Central: CCC Kontum
       Command and Control South: CCS Ban Me Thuot
Special Mission Advisory Group

       Joint Personnel Recovery Center JPRC

 Joint Casualty Resolution Center JCRC

USAF 20th Tactical Air Support Squadron (TASS)

MACV Recondo

MACV Advisory Team 92
MACV Advisory Team 93
MACV Advisory Team 100
MACV Advisory Team 31 Phu Bon
MACV Advisory Team 31 Cheo Reo
MACV Advisory Team 17 Ha Thanh
MACV Advisory Team 85 22 TASS Moc Hoa
MACV Naval Advisory Group ATF-212 Moc Hoa
MACV Advisory Team 32 Gia Nghia
MACV Advisory Team 32 Xuan Loc


(Some of the camps were maned by the 1st SFGA, some by the 7th SFGA, some by the 10th SFGA, some by the 5th SFGA, and some had teams from different groups at different times. Any information about these camps, or other camps not listed,  please contact )

Camps that were converted to PCS Camps (or had PCS Teams re-open that location at a later date) are listed in yellow and link to the same page as the PCS link of that camp name.

Saigon  Command (Hq det)

HqUSASFV(Provisional),Hq(TOC-Rue Pasteur)5thSFG

    Company C Da Nang   A-113 ...Sep 62
                    Kham Duc   B-13 / A-322   ...Sep 63 - Feb 64
                    An Diem  A-214 ...Mar 63
                    A Ro  A-44 / A-414 ...Jun 64    
                    A-113 Da Nang  (MSF)
                    Hiep Duc   ...Apr 63
                    Nam Duc  A-727 (Ruong Ruong) (Ta Rau)  ...Mar 63 - Jul 64
                    Phuoc Son
                    Ta Bat  A-401 (new)  ...Mar 63 - Mar 64
                    Ta Ko  A-324 ...Sep 64
                    Tra My (Hau Duc)  
                    Gia Vuc A-729 / A-725 / A-122 / A-324  ... Feb 63    
                    Da Nang
                    Hoa Cam  ...Nov 61    
                    Phu Hoa 31  ...Dec 62 - Jun 63
                    A Shau  A-113 / A-422, 1st SFGA    ...Mar 64   
                    Ba To  ...Nov 62
                    Khe Sanh    A-323   ...Aug 62
                    Son Ha (Ha Thanh)   ...Jan 63 Feb 64
                    Tra Bong  ...By Dec 62 - Aug 63
                    Tien Phuoc   A-324 1st SFGA / A-102 5th SFG
Quang Ngai City .... B11


                Pleiku  B-330 / B-210 / A-311A / A-334A ...Oct 62 / B230 1963 
                An Tuc
                Ban Me Thuot   (Eagle Flight) A-334 / B-210
                Binh Khe   A-123
                Bong Son    A-331 / A-321 / A-114
                Buon Beng (Cheo Reo)    A-424  ...Mar 64 ...A-432
                Cung Son (old) (Son Hoa) A-313 ...Jun 62
                Dam Pau (Dalat)  (Serighac Valley) A-411  ...Aug62 - Jan 64
                Polei Krong  A-112 / A133 ...Feb 63
                Tuy Phuoc     A-122
                Mang Buk ...May 62 - Aug 63
                Dak Pek    A-13 ...Nov 62  
                Tanh Canh  ...Aug 62 - Feb 63
                Plei Mrong   A-421, 1st SFGA      ...Nov 62
                Plei Yt
                Van Canh    A-213   ...Nov 62  - Aug 63
                Ban Don  ...Dec 62
                Bon Sar Pa   A-311A ...Jun 63 - Sep 64
                Buon Dan Bak  ...Dec 62 - Jan 63
                Buon Enao complex  ...Nov 61 - Jun 63
                Buon Bi  ...Ga Dec 62
                Buon Uing  ...Apr 63 - Jul 64
                Buon Yun  ...May 63 - May 64
                Bu Prang  A-311B ...May 63   
                Chu Dron (Due Co)  ...May 63
                Dac To / Ben Het  Split Team A-749. 1/2 the team at Dac To; 1/2 at Ben Het   A-334 / A-322 ...Feb 63  
                Djirai   ...Mar 63
                Dong Ba Thin  A-131A ...Mar 64
                Dong Tre    A-233    Jul 63
                Kannack   ...Feb 64
                Kontum   A-311B ... Oct 64  
                Krong Kno  ...Nov 62 - Jun 63
                Nha Trang  ...Oct 62
                Phan Rang (Phouc Tien)  ...May 62 - Jul 63
                Phey Srunh  A-431 ...Jan 64
                Plei Djereng  ...Jun 64
                Plei Do Lim  ...Apr 62
                Plei Me Oct 63
                Plei Ta Nangle   A-422   ...Dec 63   
                Plei Yt 31  ...Dec 62 - Jun 63
                Song Mao    FA233 1st SFGA Oct 62- Mar 63 / A-212  ...May 62 - Mar 64 / A-22 Feb 62 -
                Trung Dung  (Dien Khanh)  A-131B / A-133  
Long Van A-131  
Dien Khanh   A-133
                Duc Lak A-431      
                Duc Co    A-224 1st SFGA / team w/ 7th SFGA
                Plateau GI   A-334B  
      Qui Nhon    A-121
                Hoai An   A-223
       Mai Linh  (Trai Mai Linh) A-112
Vinh Thanh   A-211

                Tay Ninh  B-320  
                Long Thanh    A-413 ...Jul 61 .... A-211
                Ben Cat.  ...Sep 64
                Ben Phuoc  ...Mar 64
                Bien Hoa  ...Oct 64
                Bu Dop  ...Dec 63
                Bu Ghia   A-6 Opened camp 1962
                Bu Ghia Map A-133 / A-223 / A-6    ...Jun 63 - May 64  
                Go Dau Ha  ...Apr 64 FOB for Trang Sup Aug 64
                Hiep Hoa  ...Feb 63 - Jan 64
                Hong Nhu A-425
                A-413 Ho Ngoc Tao ...July 63 1st SFGA  
                Loc Ninh  ...Mar 63 A-22 / A-18
                Long Thanh 
                Minh Thanh  ...Nov 63
                Nuoc Vang  ...Feb 63
                Nui Ba Den  ...Aug 64
                Saigon B-320   Sep  ...62 Control
                Song Be   
                Suoi Da   A-114 ...Jun 64
                Thu Duc  A-211  ...Aug 62
                Trang Sup  ...Feb 63
                Tuc Trung  ...Feb 63 - Dec 63

                Ba Chuc A-429B
                Can Tho   B-130    B5/120 ...Jan 63    B-410
                Chau Lang A-14
                Du Tho
                An Long    A-213 ...Jan 63  
                An Phu  ...Apr 64
                Binh Thanh Thon    A-424   ...Oct 64
                Chau Long  ...Oct 62 Apr 64
                Don Phuoc  ...Aug 64
                Go Dau Ha           
                Ha Tien (To Chau)  ...Feb 63
                Long Khanh  ...Feb 63 Jul 64     
                Long Khot    A-424 ...   A-412
                Long Phu  ...Feb 63
                Luong Tam  ...Dec 63 Jun 64
                Long Xuyen     B-130 / A-221       
                Moc Hoa  A-221 ...Jan 64  
                Soc Trang (Du Tho)  ...Aug 62
                Tan Hiep  ...Mar 64
                Tan Phu  ...Apr 63 CIDG Jun 64
                Tinh Bien   A-331 .. Apr 64
                Vinh Gia ... Aug 64
                Vinh Loi ... Mar 64
                Tri Ton   A-111 
        Phu Quoc   A-111
            Tan Chan    A-311
           Kien Binh    A-221
 Dan Chu    A-412 ... Apr 65. Later redesignated as Cai Cai.
                Cai Cai      A-412 Formerly called Dan Chu



* If you don't have a scanner, most photo shops offer this service but their prices vary considerably, so it would be a good idea to call around for the best price. (In Baltimore prices range from $1.25 to $12.00 a scan). Or, you can Eme for my mailing address and I will scan them and return the originals to you (free, of course). (Then you can download them from the page and put them on a disk, too.)
One more thing about photos...don't send any blood and guts pics. I know, I know, it's the reality of the war, but I am not going to post them here.

** CMH Publication 90-23. Department of the Army. Washington, D.C. 1989 (First Printed, 1973); Appendix C and Index I

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