Cai Cai
Opened as Dan Chu**
A-412 5th SFGA TDY

Area Map of Cai Cai

Richard H. "Dick" James SSGT **
Heavy Wpns/Demo
William Stack, Jr. Sp/4
Wendell Williams, Corporal
Wally Walles, SFC
James Godwin

A-431 Cai Cai Kien Tuong Province Opened: Apr 67 30 Sep 70 converted to ARVN Ranger *

* CMH Publication 90-23. Department of the Army. Washington, D.C. 1989 (First Printed, 1973); Appendix C

** I was at Cai Cai from 23 February 1966 until 22 July 1966. At that time it was an A-team under C-team (C-4) control (I'm almost positive we did not have a B-team to answer to.) The team designation at that time was A-412. The camp had been in existence for quite a while before I was assigned there.

In fact, according to "Vietnam Studies U.S. Army Special Forces 1961-1971" by Colonel Francis J. Kelly, a Department of the Army publication dated 1973, the camp was opened as camp Dan Chu in April 1965 and in April 1967 redesignated as A-431 Cai Cai. I assume that the reason for redesignation was a switch to B-43 control. In 1966, when I was there, it was always known as Cai Cai. I can't remember ever having heard it called Dan Chu.

Richard "Dick" James

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