Bu Dop
A-341 5th SFGA (PCS)
A-133, 5th SFGA (TDY)
A-30, 5th SFGA (TDY


Gary Lamberty SP5
usually worked as an 05H4S or 05B4S 
John Boykin Mike Parks
Charles A. (Charlie) Noyes Sgt.
Medical Specialist
Bob Harrison Demo
 Johnny Kinder E4
C.Wayne Shepard SP-5
Paul Posey, Sgt
Terry Gunter, [SGM, Ret.]
TDY Team
Melvin Hayes, SGT.
John J. (Seán) Fitzpatrick SP4
Reporter/photographer for Green Beret magazine

Edward Eskola, Jr.1LT

Thomas Payne, E-5
Chung, George SCU Interpreter Deitz, Robert T. 2Lt/1Lt [Colonel, Ret]

(Team Members in Sept '69. Info from Charlie Noyes.)
Capt. Harlan Van Winkle, C.O. 1st.Lt. Fager, X.O Mike (Buddha) Zielinski, CAPO
MSG Seales, Team Sgt. SFC James Smyth, I&O NCO SSG Gifford, Medical Superviser
Sgt. Charles Noyes, Medical Specialist SFC Gilbert Aparis, Commo Superviser Sgt. Mike Parks, Commo Specialist.

Camp opened by A-30, 5th SFGA
(Information from Frank Treadwell, MSG, (Ret.))

A-341 Bu Dop Phuoc Long Province Opened: Nov 63 31 Dec 70 converted to ARVN Ranger *

* CMH Publication 90-23. Department of the Army. Washington, D.C. 1989 (First Printed, 1973); Appendix C

Bu Dop and Bu Gia Map were manned by split A-341. A-341B at BGM was pulled back into Bu Dop just prior to an attack during Jul 65. It was reopened as A-344 in Apr 67 by men from A-341, 342 at Dong Xoai and 343 at Duc Phong. I believe it stayed open until sometime in 69-70 when it was turned over to the VN 36th Ranger Bn. (Info from Jim Meade)

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