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This section is for displaying creative works of the Warrior Artist.   Paintings; Photographs; Sculptures; Poems; Prose; Metalwork; Leatherwork; Woodwork; Computer Generated Images; Drawings; Sketches; and pretty much anything else that I failed to mention. If you would like to share your creative bent with the rest of us, send a photo or copy of your work to fifthsfgp@aol.com . The work doesn't have to be about war, it just has to be original.

The art work may be items that are for sale or examples of work you do for for pay.
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Virgil R. Carter

Thumb Nail Photos of Art Work
Executive Director
Project Management Institute
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I Corps Mike Force Series

Another Day, Another Place

This is the first of three paintings (of the six I have done) of the I Corps Mike Force (A-113) during 1966. This one, called Another Day, AnotherPlace, shows the Mike Force leaving Tra Bong after searching for 2 missing SF team members from an operation by the Tra Bong CIDG

Lang Vei Morning Recon

The new camp at Lang Vei under construction in 1967, before being over run by NVA infantry and tanks during Tet, 1968.

Trail Watchers
Platoon Leader
Lang Vei Liftoff

SF recon chopper lifting off from the Lang Vei camp, where the new camp was under construction in July 1967.

Winter Monsoon

At Bato A-Camp, in late 1966. A company of A-113 was lifted from Danang to Bato to look for an NVA regiment. The first of the two Marine choppers aborted, leaving the second chopper and a platoon (plus) to land at Bato, and look for a week in the monsoon for the regiment.
We humped mountains, and found lots of things, but no regiment on that trip.


Gregory Holloway
Stone Work and Paintings
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Live Fast   Die Slow
Indian Warrior
First Cav.
Three Stones
Bengal Tiger