Incident at Muc Wa
By Daniel Ford

Incident at Muc Wa (a novel of war)

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"This is the story that inspired the acclaimed Burt Lancaster movie, Go Tell the Spartans. It's 1964--early days in South Vietnam--and the U.S. Army Raiders garrison a town that the French abandoned ten years before. Charlie attacks, the Raiders reinforce, and the violence spirals upward until the Americans are ordered to "exfiltrate" in a denouement that foretold the eventual abandonment of South Vietnam." (... from the book's web site.)

Incident at Muc Wa was published in hardcover by Doubleday & Co. in 1967 and by William Heinemann Ltd. in 1968. Pyramid Books published a paperback edition in 1968.

ISBN 0-595-08927-5

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